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August 27, 2014

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Our Favorite Dog Videos

Yesterday was National Dog Day, and we hope you all celebrated by giving your dog a special toy or treat... or just a big hug! In honor of this special holiday, we wanted to point out our top 3 favorite PetSafe® brand videos that have starred some our our own pups. Video shoots are always fun, and they make us love our dogs even more. Seeing them perform a trick on camera, follow a trail of treats to get "the shot," or just watching them from behind the camera. These are all great moments of being stage pet parents. Without further delay, here's what made the list. 

Spot # 3 - Emmitt and His Remote Trainer - We loved seeing this funny and realistic scenario play out on camera. An owner (our very own blogger, Jessica) has a few behavioral issues to correct with her dog. So what does she do? Runs out to buy an Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer! Smart girl!

Spot # 2 - Finn and His Water Needs - Our Senior Brand Manager's pup, Finn, did a fantastic job in this commercial for our fountains. We really loved the realistic approach to this video. How many times have you caught your pet drinking out of the toilet? There's a PetSafe fountain for all types of pets!

Spot # 1 - Our Social Dogs - A variety of our associates had playful pups who had a lot of fun in this shoot. They basically romped around for hours on camera, socializing and showing our customers our fun new product. We hope that you'll enjoy this comical clip!

Happy Belated National Dog Day!

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