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June 11, 2014

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A New Place to Play

By Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager

This spring, my family and I got the opportunity to seek and find a new home. In a few short years, Buckley and I have gone to from 2 to 4 and added Kristopher and Finn to round out our family. Although we enjoyed a small condo near our jobs initially, we always wanted to give our dogs a yard. We took a circuitous route to finding the perfect house and yard for us. We rented our condo and spent 6 months living in a friend’s house and helping clean and organize it. We spent a few short weeks with family and vacationed in the mountains; before we were able to unpack our suitcases in our current home, all with our pups tagging along. Buckley and Finn receive personalized treats at Alexander's Cabin in Asheville, NC.

Moving is stressful and multiple moves can leave you feeling completely out of sorts. All along the winding road that would eventually lead us to our new home, I had a convenient constant tool that helped keep my dogs from stressing out too. We took our Stay+Play Wireless Fence® system with us from place to place throughout the journey.

I would unplug the transmitter and head to our next spot, plug it back in and go out into the yard with the collars to check the new boundary. I would bring the dogs out and use praise, and then call them back toward me when they heard the beeping of the collars. Buckley and Finn are pretty practiced with a wireless fence and remote trainers, and each time they seemed excited to know they had freedom to enjoy their new space.

From the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina back to our beloved Knoxville, Tennessee, we made the most of our time, our freedom and the outdoors during our transition. It was a bit of an adventure in our lives and we fully embraced it. However, we were certainly ready to settle into our own space. Once again, I plugged in my Stay + Play fence, fully charged up the dog’s receiver collars, confirmed their boundaries and at long last, the pups were able to be dogs in their own yard. Finn and Buckley look out over their new yard

We soon added a PetSafe® pet door, another pet tool my dogs have come to enjoy and expect. Before long, I would find Buckley and Finn sunning on their patio, watching birds, and chasing and wrestling each other. We all collectively stretched out in our new home all the way thinking up new adventures we will experience from here.

What adventures have PetSafe products helped you have with your pets?

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