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December 27, 2013

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Unique Ways to Pamper Your Pet

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist

My dog, Emmitt, had his 2nd birthday last week. I guess in dog years that means he’s a teenager. Since last week was Emmitt’s birthday, I decided I’d share some fun and unique ways to pamper your pet(s) that we did in my household! What’s the one staple for human birthdays? Cake! Not only could you whip up a homemade dog cake, but you could also make your own dog treats and pupcakes. For Emmitt’s birthday, I was short on time, so I made dog treats instead of a cake or pupcakes.

There are lots of dog-friendly recipes that you can find on our PetSafe® Brand Pinterest page. If you don’t want to go the homemade route, you can search online for local dog “barkeries” that specialize in freshly-baked dog treats. Dog barkeries can even top-off the cake with dog-friendly icing!

I didn’t have any dog-themed cookie cutters, so I just cut the dough into hearts. I didn’t have any dog-themed cookie cutters, so I just cut the dough into hearts. 

Does it seem impossible to find your pet a bed they actually like? I can relate. We have one dog bed they love, and it’s not even a dog bed…it’s a blanket a friend made for us. Light bulb moment – why not make a dog bed out of the same material as that blanket? Our local craft store had the same material as the blanket, and also had a few different “stuffing” options to use to pad the inside of this DIY dog bed.

This would also be a fun way to get your kids or significant other involved with a little project, because you might want the extra pair of hands to expedite tying the edges of the bedding! To learn how to make this type of DIY dog bed, you can visit our Pinterest page

Step-by-step documentation of my fun paint-your-pet night! Step-by-step documentation of my fun paint-your-pet night! 

Recently, I went to a local painting studio with a friend for a paint-your-pet night. I took in a photo of Emmitt so the instructors could see what he looks like. They gave me everything I needed for my little masterpiece – the correct brushes, paint colors so he would look just as handsome on a canvas as he is in person, a water cup and a pencil to draw his perfect little head and face. They even told us what shape to draw for the face, ears, eyes and snout, and told us which brush to use to paint each part.

During the class, they took it step-by-step. If you messed up, they had a fix for it. It is one of the best things I’ve done with my friends in a long time, and I know if you went you’d love it as well! You know how I know it’s paw-some? Because I even saw two of our PetSafe® Idea Partners there! If you’re unsure if your city has something like this, you can do an internet search for local art studios.

Whether you have a small or large pet, they all need a bath regularly. Instead of doing the usual routine of an at-home bath, consider taking your pet to a local groomer. Many groomers are full-service salons, so you can be sure your dog is getting pampered, and that he will come out with a fresh new look (and smell)! Some groomers may even let your pooch play with the others, so it’s a spa day and play date all at the same stop. During the last trip to the groomer, Emmitt came away with a studly new look, snazzy new tie and they even made paw print ornaments for my Christmas tree! How sweet is that?

While many cats may not be into the grooming thing, the other ideas mentioned in this blog can also be for cats. Ideas like these can be for pet birthdays, holidays, fur-iversaries or “just because”. Show your pets the same love and appreciation they show you. Celebrate them! For even more great ideas, you can visit our website and the PetSafe® Brand Pinterest page!

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