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January 31, 2015

PetSafe® Expert

Jessie McDowell

Tips to Continue Your Fit New Year

The PetSafe® Fit 15 Challenge has come to a close, and it has been a wonderful, active January. We hope you feel a closer bond with your pet and have enjoyed getting active together. With the challenge ending and spring slowly emerging, it is our hope that you will continue your healthy habit. For additional inspiration, we have a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Bring the right accessories for a stress-free walk.

Depending on how long your walk may be, you might not be able to jaunt home to pick up necessities. Make sure you're prepared for your walk/exercise by bringing the following:

  • Water- Both you and your pet need water.
  • Treats- Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation. Treats will make sure your dog is inspired to keep up the good work
  • Poop bags- Don’t be that dog walker. Be responsible and pick up after your pet.

Choose the right walking tool to keep your dog under control.

Every dog gets distracted or pulls every once in a while, but depending on the size of the dog, this pulling can be dangerous. Small dogs can slip away and large dogs could pull you down if you’re not careful. Luckily, we have a few tools to help. Both of these tools were also featured in our Friday giveaways this month!

  • Easy Walk® Harness- This harness fastens in the front, allowing you to steer your pet in the right direction without putting pressure on his sensitive neck area.
  • Gentle Leader® Headcollar- This tool may look like a muzzle, but it is actually a comfortable, no-pull solution. The Gentle Leader contains a nose loop that allows you to direct your dog’s head in the correct direction.

enjoy walking with your dogBe patient.

It takes 21 days for an action to become a habit. With pets, that timeline can seem much longer. There are good walk days and there are days where Fido seems to be more interested in smelling grass than making it to the mailbox. Don’t give up on them. Dogs enjoy routine and find comfort in the daily walk they can count on. They will get better as time goes on, and so will you!

Thank you to all who completed the PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge! We would love to continue hearing about your fitness success, so please keep in touch!

Written by

Jessie McDowell

Jessie McDowell

PetSafe® Marketing Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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