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May 9, 2014

PetSafe® Expert

Jessie McDowell

Throwing the Best Birthday Pawty Ever

By Jessie McDowell, Content Marketing Specialist

1Some may find it odd that some dogs get a birthday party (or pawty in their case), but I think it is only fitting. Your dogs are like your furry children, needing care, love and attention. They are constantly giving you love, so why not celebrate them with their own day each year. Don’t you think they deserve it?

Throwing Best Birthday Pawty ever doesn’t have to be some extravagant ordeal that costs a bunch of money. Your pet won’t notice the table cloth or the matching napkins you worked so hard to find, and he can’t eat chocolate cake. The Best Pawty for your pet should be filled with what he enjoys. Here are the elements you need for a great pawty.

1. Food - For Moose, this is the most important birthday gift, though it only lasts for seconds. Instead of a birthday cake, Moose’s Barkday cake was a sale steak from a local grocery store complete with a candle. He LOVED it. It was a special treat that cost me under $5, and it made his year. 3

2. Activities For activities, the party had a few balloons for Moose and friends to keep in the air. We had to be very careful to not let the dogs eat the balloons after they popped, but it was hilarious watching them bat the balloons with their noses.

Your dog may be afraid of balloons, but you can always have plenty of toys out to keep the pups active. Encourage all of the dogs to socialize and get physically active. It will keep them engaged for the whole pawty.

3. Friends 4Finally, Moose was given the company of his furry and human family. A few people came over with their dogs (who could resist a doggie birthday pawty), and we had a great time. He ran and played, and the dog parents socialized. It made me so happy to see him have a good time and to realize how much he has matured in a year.

Your dog grows up so fast, and celebrating his birthday is a great way to create lasting memories with your pet. It doesn’t have to be a big deal to you, but to him it will be the Best Birthday Pawty Ever.

Written by

Jessie McDowell

Jessie McDowell

PetSafe® Marketing Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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