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December 25, 2011

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‘Tis the Season of Giving

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Of all the things I cherish about my job, and there are many, being a part of the PetSafe Ethos Fund is one of the highlights. About a year ago, an associate had the idea to start a fund to be given specifically to animal welfare groups for the care and rehabilitation of homeless pets. We named it the PetSafe Ethos Fund.

Ethos means morals or character of a person or organization. We wanted our Ethos Fund to demonstrate our ethos of passion for the homeless pets in our communities.  With a cute “Happy Dog” shirt, we struck out to add to the ways PetSafe gives back. In 9 short months, our fans and customers have given $3,000 to help animal welfare groups! Whoo hoo!

After much consideration, we have selected recipients to each receive $500 award. (Drumroll please…) We are excited to share the first recipients of the PetSafe Ethos Fund!

Concerned Citizens for Animals

Operating over 30 years in South Carolina, CCA is dedicated to helping animals and educating the public about their humane treatment.

This award will specifically go to sponsor their annual Cosmos for Critters fundraiser.

Rescued Pet Adoption League

By the middle of 2011 this organization had already delivered over 390,000 lbs of dog and cat food as well as other needed products to shelters and rescues across Texas. This award will help continue their work of feeding 3,085 dogs and 1,285 cats each month.

SPEAK Animal Hospital and Animal Sanctuary

S.P.E.A.K. Animal Sanctuary and Hospital in New York cares for injured, sick and/or stray animals along with providing low cost canine and feline spay/neuter surgeries.

This award will go toward the purchase of necessary equipment to build cat trees/houses for shelters.

Nebraska Humane Society

Serving a metropolitan area with a population of approximately 850,000, NHS programs and services include adoption, animal medical care, animal foster care, obedience training, behavior helpline, and humane education programs.

This award will specifically serve in the Special People / Special Dogs program that addresses behavioral problems caused by neglect in order to save the lives of dogs and help change the lives of the people who love them.

Operation Education Animal Rescue

Operation Education Animal Rescue in middle Tennessee works toward three goals: providing a safe haven for the abused, neglected, forgotten and/or unwanted animals in their area, finding suitable permanent homes for those animals, and providing education to the public regarding proper animal care and to emphasize the availability and importance of spaying and neutering.

This award will  help with vet work - spay & neuter, vaccines, preventatives, heartworm treatment, and necessary surgeries.

MN Midwest Pug Rescue

This all-volunteer group provides homes for abandoned, surrendered, stray and neglected pugs in Minnesota. Solely funded through adoption fees and donations, our award will help with vet care for pugs in their care.

We are so thankful to have fans and customers to help us give back to the pets who need us most. How are you giving back today?

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