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Furever Home Family

June 22, 2020

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Furever Home Family


PetSafe® is partnering with the Furever Home Family on Animal Planet to help rescue pups find a home!

This 6-part television series features an Australian family of pet lovers who travel across the United States and team up with local organizations to match shelter dogs with forever homes. Furever Home Family premiers on Animal Planet July 4 at 8:30am.

Each year, over 3 million dogs end up in a shelter without anyone to love them, so the Amos family has dedicated their lives to giving these pups a fresh start. With their grooming bus “Bubbles”, the family bathes and finds homes for shelter dogs.

As the Amos family travels, PetSafe® will donate handy pet products to the families who adopt these shelter pups. It's a perfect partnership because PetSafe® creates innovative products that help solve common challenges affecting new pet parents!

Take a look at the helpful products we’re sharing with these new forever families.

PetSafe® Products Perfect for New Pups

Pet Products

Feed them scheduled meals, even from your smartphone

With your smartphone in hand, you can feed your best friend anytime, from anywhere. The PetSafe® Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder was thoughtfully designed for pet parents and their pets to bring peace of mind to mealtime.

Whether you're away for vacation, or just working long hours, you can schedule 2 meals for your pet up to 4 days in advance with the PetSafe® Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder.

Keep them hydrated

The Drinkwell® 1/2 Gallon, 1 Gallon & 2 Gallon water fountains encourage healthy hydration. The falling water stream entices dogs to drink more and helps protect urinary and kidney health.

A fountain that's cute and functional, and perfect for small dogs, is the Drinkwell® Butterfly Pet Fountain. It features both a carbon filter and a foam filter that work together to remove pet hair, debris and bad tastes from your best friend's water.

Keep them safe in their yard

Wireless fences are the easiest option for containing pets in small yards. Installing your system and setting the boundary takes only a few hours, and there is no digging or burying wires involved.

In-ground fences are the most customizable way to give your dog secure yard boundaries and maximum freedom (up to 25 acres). With some simple tools and a little bit of DIY experience, you can plan your layout, bury wires in your yard, and start training your dog in one weekend.

Help them with potty training

Install a dog door to give your pup the ultimate freedom to take their own potty breaks. We have a pet door for almost any size pet, and we have pet doors that you can install in traditional doors, screen doors, glass, and in your exterior walls. We even offer Sliding Glass Pet Doors that don't require any cutting—just fit into your existing sliding glass door track to give your pup access to the yard or patio.

The Pet Loo is your backyard in a box. Ideal for apartments, potty training, and occasions when you can't let your dog out, this indoor/outdoor toilet is a convenient alternative to pee pads and midnight bathroom breaks.

Keep them active

Train basic leash manners, reinforce good walking habits, and be the envy of your neighborhood strolls with our no pull collar and harness options. Each year, millions of pet parents and dog trainers trust the Easy Walk® Harness to safely walk their dogs. And our bestselling Gentle Leader® Headcollar comes in classic colors as well as chic prints.

Play with them

Quality playtime with your new furry friend is the best! The wildly-fun Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy is perfect for interactive play. And your dog will have a great time playing fetch with the Automatic Ball Launcher inside or outside your home.

Let them chew (and chew and chew)

Designed to keep up with puppy teething while also being durable enough for big dogs, our Busy Buddy® Twist 'n Treat™, Busy Buddy® Bristle Bone® and Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin toys just might save your sneakers.

Teach them with love

Remote trainers let you teach your dog commands (like Sit and Stay) and stop bad behavior like digging in the garden or jumping on guests. Choose from spray, static, tone or vibration to deliver a safe correction to your dog's receiver collar.

Bark Control Devices help to interrupt and correct excessive barking behavior. We have many options available including spray, vibration, ultrasonic and static devices.

Take them on adventures

Whether you hike together, bike together, or just take car rides together, we know you need to keep your dog safe while you're on the move. Our collection of ramps, seat covers, booster seats and safety harnesses make adventuring easy.

Keep them healthy, safe and happy

Whether you're following the Amos family on their pup-loving journey, or you're a proud new pet parent yourself, we hope you’ll join millions of other pet parents who trust PetSafe® products to keep their dogs healthy, safe and happy.

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