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December 14, 2015

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Celebrating 15 Years of Unconditional Love

We would like to remember our loving work companion and one of our first office dogs, Abby. Abby came to work with her dad, Bryan, every day for more than 12 years, even up to her last day. She will be greatly missed by everyone here at PetSafe® brand. Bryan has written this heartwarming article to memorialize his great companion.

Abigail Callie Tilghman - September 9, 2000 - December 13, 2015

abbie the golden retriever

I’ll look back and remember…

k9 search and rescue dog…her tail wagging every morning in anticipation of what a new day would bring

…watching her light up when kids came to play and seeing that she intuitively understood how to be soft and gentle with the little ones  

…the utter chaos and tornado grade 5 destruction I walked into the first time I trusted her to stay inside on her own  

…witnessing the absolute bravery, work ethic and professionalism that was shown time and again as a K-9 Search and Rescue team member who learned to navigate dangerous and scary obstacles, work out of boats, and to always keep pushing until the job was done…all because I asked her to.

…watching her enjoy the challenge of beating her personal best at a running jump off the dock to retrieve the ever beloved tennis ball

….watching her stick her nose in every bag and box at Christmas time because she just had to know what was in there

…and for every day without fail for the past 12 years, it was her great joy to spend the day with her friends and newcomers alike at Radio Systems® Corp.

abigail golden retriever puppyAlways my loyal friend, she was there when nobody else would be or could be, and she was one of my great teachers. Day in and day out she showed me what it meant to live in joy and to offer unconditional love to everyone she came across! It has been my great honor to care for Abby, but she never “belonged” to me. She came here to be of service to us all.

If I ponder the meaning of life, the answer is simple really. We’re here to remember our true nature, and our nature is one of divine and pure love. If there’s ever been a more pure expression of light and love on this planet than this sweet Golden named Abby, I couldn’t tell you what it was.

She’s home now with the angels and the saints. We’ll imagine a vibrant young golden running and playing on the farm with all of her new friends… tail wagging… tongue hanging out… ice cream and bacon buffets... and fresh tennis balls EVERY day! I will see my old friend again.

Today we celebrate Abby’s return home and all that her life has meant to those she touched in some way.

- Bryan

abbie senior golden retriever

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